We’re able to develop and close new business for your company by focusing on increasing profits for you through highly specialized and innovative sales strategies.

  1. JRP operates without any contract—only a month-to-month agreement.
  2. We do not receive bonuses or commissions on the sales that we generate.
  3. Our company is compensated by way of an all-inclusive, predetermined monthly fee that never changes. All of the work that we do is included in this fee so there are never any additional charges to our clients. Ever. This enables our clients to definitively budget for their sales and marketing expense.
  4. The prospects and new customers that we obtain for our clients are theirs to keep.
  5. All of our sales work is documented, so if at any time our clients decide they want to take over and bring their sales and marketing program back into their company, it is completely turned over to them.
  6. Our company employs highly trained sales specialists. The average person in our company has at least 30 years of sales experience in the industrial manufacturing world, with added engineering expertise.